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Glucose Reader - Diabetes

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GlucoSaurio, Glucose Reader for patches with Technology NFC ISO15693Use your Android mobile NFC enabled to capture readings from your patch** Please note this is NOT a product created by or backed by the manufacturer of the patch sensor **
Glucosaurio, monitors the glucose readings of your patch with NFC technology for example, Freestyle Libre, get your Android application to your phone or Tablet on Google play.Take control of your diabetes!
Readings made by this application are purely indicative, This app is not intended to replace formal glucose test.
We recommend you regularly do formal glucose test. Readings may vary from one device to another.
IMPORTANT: The App GlucoSaurio, glucose monitoring system, is suitable for measuring interstitial glucose in adults. 18 years or older.
Use a blood glucose meter to check the glucose readings from the Glucosaurio App Sometimes you can capture erroneous readings, you can check with a blood glucose test to confirm their your real level of glucose.
On occasions you may get innacurate readings if you believe this please perform a blood glucose test on your finger to confirm your glucose level
The use of this app is under your responsibilityYou always have to consult your health care professional
If you have any question, please feel free to be in contact with us. e-mail
There have been more than 2,000 readings with various patches of this technology, but we do not ensure the reliability of the readings that we have not been able to check.
This app is no as fast as the original reader. Get ir nest to the patch and do not move it until you hear 2 sounds or you fell a vibration, in this moment, you can remove it
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